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All Photographs: Courtesy of Karen Albert - instagram @picxpressions

2018 Orchid Fair Awards Summary

Plant Entries


+22 from 2017

Photographic Entries


+17 from 2017

Art Entries


-7 from 2017

Total Entries


+32 from 2017

Display Trophies

Display of 1 – 5 plants

  • ·         Charlene Lang

Display of 6 – 15 plants

  • ·         Forestview Gardens

Display of 16 – 25 plants

  • ·         Terry Letendre

Display of 26 + plants

  • ·         Paul Paludet

Cecilia Feng Landscape Display

  • ·         Carol Albert

Display Trophies

Orchid Society of Alberta Trophy - Most outstanding exhibit

  • ·         Paul Paludet

Martin Nussbaumer Trophy - Best display by a visiting society or an individual from another society

  • ·         Saskatchewan Orchid Society

G.J. Lefebvre Trophy – Best Educational Exhibit

  • ·         Wilgro Orchid Accessories

Orchid Species Preservation Foundation Trophy – Best display of species orchids (diversity & quality)

  • ·         Darrell Albert

Canadian Orchid Congress Show Award – Most diverse display of orchid flowers and orchid plants

  • ·         Terry Letendre

Orchid Family Trophies (Ribbon Judging)

Florence Pon Trophy – Best Paphiopedilum

  • ·         Paphiopedilum Bel Royal, grown by Paul Paludet

Carol Cotek Trophy – Best Cattleya Alliance

  • ·         Epidendrum Miracle Valley ‘Waipio’, grown by Paul Paludet

Horst Bohne Trophy – Best Phalaenopsis

  • ·         Phalaenopsis Shutah, grown by House of Auschrat

Rev. Merv Lutes Trophy – Best Dendrobium Alliance

  • ·         Dendrobium (Andreé Millar x Wonder Nishii), grown by Darrell Albert

Best Vandaceous Orchid Trophy - Best Vandaceous Alliance, excluding Phalaenopsis

  • ·         Microtetrangis hariotiana ‘Trixie', grown by Terry Letendre

Verna Johnston Trophy - Best Pleurothallid Alliance

  • ·         Masdevallia princeps, grown by Terry Letendre

Gordon Heaps Trophy - Best Oncidium Alliance

  • ·         Oncostele Catatante, grown by the OSPF

Fran James Trophy - Best Phragmipedium

  • ·         Phragmepedium caudatum, grown by Terry Letendre

Best Other Alliance Trophy - Best Other Alliance

  • ·         Cyclopogon lindleyanus 'Silver Screen', grown by Darrell Albert

Judges Commendation Trophy – Outstanding plant/flower deserving recognition

  • ·         Not Awarded

Special Class Trophies

Dr. Paul Paludet - Grower’s Own Hybrid

  • ·         Phalaenopsis  (( Florida Snow X ( Diamond Dust X Radiant Moon )) X Taisuco Snow White Wonder, grown by Paul Paludet

Dr. Ehor Gauk Trophy - Greenhouse grown Orchid Plant

  • ·         Bulb. collettii (syn. B. wenslandianum), grown by Terry Letendre

Pat Bickell Trophy - Artificial Light grown Plant

  • ·         Cattleya schroederae x sib, grown by Pat Randall, SOS

Zoie Gardner Trophy - Windowsill grown Plant

  • ·         Dendrobium thrysiflorum, grown by Mike Shoup, FOS

Dr. Amy Fong Trophy - Plant in show by a Novice Grower (Growing 2 years or less)

  • ·         Not Awarded

Carl Austin Trophy - Overall Orchid Specimen in the show (by a non-commercial grower)

  • ·         Epidendrum stamfordianum, grown by Darrell Albert

Best Miniature Orchid Trophy - Miniature Under 6” (excluding the inflorescence)

  • ·         Dryadella simula, grown by Tracey Thue, SOS

Ian Johnston Trophy - Orchid Species in the show

  • ·         Epidendrum stamfordianum, grown by Darrell Albert

Best Mounted Orchid Trophy - Mounted Orchid in the show

  • ·         Ornithocephalus bicornis, grown by Tom de Boer

Art and Photography Trophies

Joe Twyman Photography Trophy - Best Photographic Image

  • ·         Elegance by Khoi Nguyen

Vivian Thierfelder Trophy - Best Artistic Image in any medium other than photographic

  • ·         Vicky Van Andel, Senior Amateur category

Grand Champion Trophies

Reserve Grand Champion

  • ·         Cyrtopodium punctatum, grown by OSPF

Grand Champion – Ken Girard Memorial Trophy

  • ·         Epidendrum stamfordianum, grown by Darrell Albert

American Orchid Society Awards

19 plants nominated, 1 display nominated

7 AOS Awards given

Masdevallia Bay Breeze ‘Royal Velvet’ AM/AOS (81 pts)

  • -          Grower: Paul Paludet

Cattleya harpophylla ‘Orange Obsession’ AM/AOS (80 pts) and CCM/AOS (84 pts)

  • -          Grower: Darrell Albert

Epidendrum stamfordianum ‘Too Cool’ CCM/AOS (84 pts)

  • -          Grower: Darrell Albert

Oncidium laeve ‘Drury’ CCM/AOS (81 pts)

  • -          Grower: OSPF

Gongora rufescens ‘Charlotte’ AM/AOS (82 pts)

  • -          Grower: Terry Letendre

Paphiopedilum Shimuzu Delight ‘Angeline’ HCC/AOS (76 pts)

  • -          Grower: Bob Lucas, Saskatchewan Orchid Society

American Orchid Society Show Trophy

  • Paul Paludets Display, ‘Life’s Next Level’

American Orchid Society Silver Certificate

  • Paul Paludets Display, ‘Life’s Next Level’ (85 pts)

Other Awards:

Ingrid Ostrander Award

  • Paul Paludet

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