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Grow with us and share the wonder!

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 For all Membership information, please email:

Our Monthly Meetings

In-person meetings

Venue:  Royal Canadian Legion - Strathcona Branch

    9020 51 Ave NW, Edmonton

Fourth Sunday of every month Noon-4pm 

(unless otherwise noted or long weekends)

Please park and enter through the back

Sunday June 23, 2024

11:30am Setup

Noon Meeting Open                                                   - show table judging

                           - orchid sales tables

                           - library


12:30pm   Culture session: Hand pollinating a         

                    multifloral Paphiopedilum


1:30pm      OSA General Meeting

2:00pm Speaker: Fred Clarke

Sunset Valley Orchids

4:00pm     Adjournment and Takedown

    Non-members entry fee $10.00.

    Tea/coffee $2 / Lunch table $3 

    Fred will have plants available for sale at the meeting.

    We will be taking a summer break for July and August.  The next meeting will be Sunday, September 22nd.  Happy Summer!

    Orchid Fair 2024

    March 22-24, 2024

    Moonflower  Room, Enjoy Centre

    101 Riel Drive, St. Albert AB

    Photo: Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

          Courtesy of Tien Klassen

    A glimps of what to expect (Photo from 2019 Orchid Fair)

    Past Orchid Fair Awards 

    American Orchid Society Show Trophy
    Paul Paludet's Display, ‘Life’s Next Level’:

    Photographer: Karen Albert 
    Orchid Species Preservation Foundation Trophy
    (best display of species
    orchids - showing diversity and quality
    By Darrell Albert:

    Photographer: Karen Albert 

    Canadian Orchid Congress Show Trophy
    (most diverse display of orchid flowers and orchid plants
    By Terry Letendre:

    Photographer: Karen Albert 
    Carl Austin Trophy (Overall Orchid Specimen) 
    (by a non-commercial grower)
    Epidendrum stamfordianum,
    Grown by Darrell Albert:

    Photographer: Karen Albert 

    Interested in Orchids?

    You've come to the right place! The Orchid Society of Alberta is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art and science of orchid growing in our province. Although we are located in Edmonton, our society has members from all over Alberta who can help you discover the intriguing world of orchids. Our monthly meetings are a great opportunity to improve your growing skills, buy hard-to-find plants, and make new friends. Guests are welcome to take in a meeting any time!

    Did you know …

    The orchid family contains in excess of 30,000 species, and more are discovered each year. Advances in breeding have also led to the registration of well over 100,000 orchid hybrids. Orchids grow on every continent except Antarctica, in an amazing range of environments. However, in spite of their exotic appearance, many orchids are no more difficult to grow than other houseplants.

    Excellent beginners’ plants are sold in home improvement stores and garden centres, and a windowsill makes a suitable home for hundreds of species and hybrids. Once a few basic principles have been mastered, the choices for growing are endless.

    Join us …

    We’d love to help you get started on your orchid adventure. Our monthly meetings feature expert speakers, slide shows, plant displays and sales, culture sessions and workshops, a monthly raffle and an excellent lunch table. There’s the excitement of our annual Orchid Show, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. And members get the monthly OSA newsletter, plus access to an extensive library of orchid books, videos and magazines. All this and friendship, fun and good times, too!

    Orchid Society of Alberta
    P.O. Box 31117, RPO Namao Centre
    Edmonton, AB T5Z 3P3


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