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42nd Annual ORCHID FAIR - 2019

Show Schedule 2019


On behalf of the Orchid Society of Alberta, I wish to welcome one and all to the Orchid Society of Alberta’s 42nd Annual Orchid Show and Sale, “Orchid Fair 2019”.

Our American Orchid Society judged show is the largest in Canada, with 15,000 square feet of orchid displays and vendor sales tables. This year we will offer a great lineup of international and Canadian orchid vendors.

Orchids are found on every continent except Antarctica. There are nearly 30,000 known species of orchids in the world, and over one hundred thousand registered orchid hybrids, some of which will be on display at our show. Exhibitors will mount displays that will transform an empty room into a tropical paradise with hundreds of orchids of every shape, size and color imaginable. 

The Orchid Fair show area will give the public the opportunity to view, admire and photograph hundreds of the best plants from our local growers, visiting societies and orchid vendors. The very best plants and displays will receive ribbons and trophies from the Orchid Society of Alberta. The team of accredited judges from the American Orchid Society will judge the plants on display and where the flower quality merits, a prestigious American Orchid Society award will be given.

The vendor area will offer a huge selection of orchid plants for purchase offered by Canadian, and international vendors. There will be easy growing plants for the beginner and exotic plants for the experienced grower. Orchid growers and vendors are always eager to answer orchid questions and to advise new orchid growers in the selection of a plant that is right for their growing conditions.

Be sure to attend some of the speaker sessions with topics of interest to the beginner and expert grower alike.

Check our website www.orchidsalberta.com for details. 

On behalf of the Orchid Society of Alberta Executive and Show Committee, I would like to welcome all to the show.

Darrell Albert

Show Chairperson

Orchid Society of Alberta

Orchid Society of Alberta - Background Information

The Orchid Society of Alberta (OSA) was founded in Edmonton in 1976 to promote the preservation and culture of orchids through the dissemination of information. The OSA currently has a membership of over 200 people. The members are orchid growers, both hobbyists and commercial growers, of diverse backgrounds who share an interest in growing and preserving orchids. 

Our members include the young and old, beginners and veterans, windowsill growers, artificial light growers and greenhouse growers. We have joined together to promote the hobby and share our orchid growing experiences and information.


Show Admission $10.00 per day

Children under 12 years Free

Free Parking

* Photographers Note: The use of tripods will be permitted in the show area

on Sunday, April 7 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm only. Handheld and monopod photography is fine anytime.

**The Orchid Society of Alberta and the Enjoy Centre will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of displayed plants and decor. All entries displayed are at owner's risk.

Orchid Society of Alberta
P.O. Box 31117, RPO Namao Centre
Edmonton, AB T5Z 3P3

email: info(at)orchidsalberta.com

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