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Grow with us and share the wonder!

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2023 Executive

All executive members can be contacted at Orchids.Alberta(at)

  • President: Fred Pon
  • Vice President - Dean Chesterman
  • Secretary: Charlene Lang
  • Treasurer: Barrie Corry
  • Past President: Dean Chesterman
  • Show Chair: Darrell Albert
  • Membership Director: David Whitaker osabmembership(at)
  • Librarian: Lorna Barclay

  • Social Convener: Vacant (Yp de Boer -acting)
  • Donations Draw Table: Donna Brant
  • Newsletter Editor: Charlene Lang, Erin Olson Orchidnews(at)
  • Plant Sales Table: Scott Sadler
  • Culture Session Coordinator: Vacant
  • Directors at Large: Donna Cuyler, Jim Wallbank, Erin Olson, Ike Atterbury, Jadzia Auschratand Yp de Boer
  • Webmaster: Ike Atterbury Orchids.Alberta(at)

Contact Us ...

The Society can be contacted at the following addresses:

Orchid Society of Alberta
P.O. Box 31117
RPO Namao Centre
Edmonton, AB  T5Z 3P3

Email: Orchids.Alberta(at) 

If you have any concerns about the website, please contact the webmaster at Orchids.Alberta(at) 



Orchid Society of Alberta
P.O. Box 31117, RPO Namao Centre
Edmonton, AB T5Z 3P3


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